Lord, we have mourned, and continue to remember and mourn the sudden
loss of these brothers and sisters. Show us, Lord, the immense power of
Your goodness, and strengthen our belief that they are in Your Presence.
In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

The names of the Fallen Riders on this Memorial will be read each
year at our Memorial Ride and Campout for Fallen Riders.

Please add the full name of your loved one
and the year of your loss to the DTR Guestbook.


D.T.R.  was founded in the
Loving Memory of Rob Mills,  2010

was founded to save lives of motorcyclists by creating an awareness of motorcycles among drivers of other vehicles. If we save one life, the loss of these brothers and sisters will not be in vain.....Teresa Mills Davenport



Rob Mills 2010   Tom "Coops" Cooper, 2009 Jeremy "Rags" Wilburn 2010
David & Dean  1990   Dan Frazee,  2012 James Hensley, 2012
Chris Heron   2007   Christopher Humphries  2007 Ross Leggate 2007
Conor Lowden 2007   Iain Cole 2007 Stephen Gilchrist 2010

Maureen Waites 2007


Conor Barton 2010

Alan Sharpe 2010

Gary Dring 2008   Randy Stanley 2011 Allison Sellers 2011
Shirley Boone 2011   Donn Wolf 2011 Angela Curcio 2011
Claudiu Ionescu 2011   Valerie Sias 2011 Shane Morneau 2011
Dayle Veronica Downs-Totonchi 2010   Clyde R. Nachand, 2010 Stephen Punch 2010
Daniel L. Butler 2010   Victor Villarreal 2011 Robert Edward Herr II 2010
Lacie Berry 2010   Leon G. Jayson 2010 Sherry Jayson 2010
Mark Peterson 2010   William Barker, 2010 Patrice Poole, 2010
John Holmes, 2010   Patricia Beihayn, 2010 Patricia Beihayn, 2010
Christopher Bragg 2011   Tamara Jarman 2011 Sean Patrick Flynn 2011
Michael Mitts 2011   Laura Nalley 2011 William Kaplan 2010
Glen Berry  2011   Jonny Soppit 2006 Ivan Danskin 20J9
John Toner 2007   Raymond Korzonak 1978 Freddie Guerreo 1978
Richie  "Chicago" Jensen  1966    Dale Ewert 1972 Michae "Bear"  Royson 1971
Johnny "Lil Jon" Johnsome 1971   Billy "Joker" Williams 1971 George "Gunner" Jaks 1971
Mike Edwards 1972   George Astin 1972 George "Gabby" McAffy 1972
Steve  Athebens 1972   Bill "Jake" Alloway 1972 Ron "The Mexican" Santos 1972
Sal Del Larosa 1974   Denny Michaels 1971 Mickey "The womb" Benson 1974
Cary Mikolek 1972   Billy "Da Bitch" Manson 1973 Hank "The Wolf "Sorensen 1973
Jack Miser Daniele 1973   Billy "The Pig" McGinnis 1975 Craig "Willis" Bandour 1976
Mary Vahe 1973   Tommy "One Eye" Scarpetto Billy "Shasta" Kilpowski 1970
Mario Arroyo 2011   Billy "Dogface" Parder 1982 Bradley Collier 2012
Mini Zaki 2012   Tyler D. Megin 2012

Claude Racine2012

Andrew Gouid 2012   Mary B. Johnson 2012 John Samuel Alan Doerr 2012
Roy Tolibus 2012   Sgt. Aaron Bennett 2012 Trevor Nason
Artemio Cornitas 2012   Jeffrey Marxen M.D. 2012 John Haurey 2012
Sgt. Adam Huckstep 2012   John Blackwelder 2012 Cameron Adrian Griffin 2012
Peter Starrs 2011   Todd Larson 2010 Thomas Wolf II  2011
Kelsey Silva 2011   Nelson Perez 2011 Ronal Krulock 2012
Ryan Lorenz 2012   Jennifer Chennault 2012 Clarence Elliott 1987
Jimmy Copeland 2012   TJ Humphrey 2014 Martin Holl 2014
Corleen Vermeulen 2014      




All Graphics taken from Google Images