Dying to Ride is interested in forming
an International  Branch in your area.
If you are interested in forming a
Dying to Ride Branch contact us

Dying to Ride holds its annual memorial ride for fallen riders
on the second Saturday of June of each year followed by a
night of camping, food and music.

You can add the name of the loved one you've lost in a
motorcycle collision by emailing us their name and the year
of your loss .

Join DTR and help us promote motorcycle awareness.
The life you save could be someone close to you.

Weekly Motorcycle Safety News and Stats


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Nov 17 2015
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ying to Ride International Motorcycle Awareness Group
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DTR Founded in loving memory of
September 29, 2010


In 2016, Dying to Ride will begin proposing the establishment of legislation to make a motorcycle awareness module part of the Driving License test in England. Dying to Ride invites DTR groups to form  internationally to help promote this goal in your country.
To Contact us use the Contact Us at the top right



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